Minh Hoang - BSc (Hon) - First Class

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At the same time of completing ACCA Professional Qualification, i decided to seek Bachelor of Science in Applied Accounting of Oxford Brookes University (OBU) because firstly the ACCA papers can be converted in equivalent of OBU’s academic exams; and secondly the OBU’s ranking and recognition is always in the top 50 Leading University in UK that may enhance my academic merit for my higher education globally. 

Ms. Tran was my mentor during the completion of Bachelor of Science in Applied Accounting of Oxford Brookes University (OBU). Throughout the course of working together, she was extremely professional and due care in providing me with useful insights of the university’s requirements on the degree, detailed guidance for completing the BSc. OBU as well as leading me through the final thesis project with intelligible explanations of research methods, guidelines on task by task application and detailed execution for the required documents for graduation thesis. 

Having worked a hectic job of M&A advisory at the time, my deadline was very tight. However, thanks to my mentor with her dedication beyond her working hours to support me, her timely intuitive reviews and practical advice on my thesis, we managed to complete the OBU’s Bachelor Degree as we expected. One of my regrettable moments is that I did not manage to accomplish all of her recommendations under the pressure of balancing work-study although Ms. Tran attempted to enhance my report even further. 

Finally, I graduated OBU with First Class Honour. I could not achieve this outstanding result without her caring mentor during my OBU journey. I believe Tran was the best mentor where I am from, and I was very lucky that I chose her.


Minh Hoang (First Class) 

BSc (Hon) in Applied Accounting of Oxford Brookes University (OBU) 


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